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Originally from Dallas, Texas, Cutter finds himself wondering how in the world he ended up in Los Angeles.

At the age of . . . newborn, Cutter would wear a cowboy hat pretending to be the meanest bull rider anyone had ever seen. That's when his parents knew he was destined to be a goofball; he didn't disappoint.

Cutter found his passion in volunteering. After having an impressive run of academic achievements, public recognition in community service, and accepting a full ride to college at an early age, he decided to become an actor. . . Yeah, his parents thought the same thing.

After a year of community theatre and short films, Cutter landed a series regular role on two children shows (Konnect and Faith, Hope, & Love). His early success and extensive training eventually led him to LA, where he now works and trains as an actor.


Since moving to LA, Cutter has also been behind the camera numerous times working as crew on commercials, network television, and film. He has yet to work at a restaurant.




  • THAT'S A WRAP! Cutter just finished shooting a Co-Star on Last Man Standing

  • THAT'S A WRAP! Cutter wraps up production on an Agent's of Shield spin off. 

  • Cutter just finished his October workshop with Special Guest Guy Kochlani (CEO @ Across The Board Talent)

  • Cutter continues Production work on Marvel's Agents of Shield

  • Cutter finished Killian's Advanced Commercial Workshop

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